.308 Once Fired Military Brass

pix520260997.308 NATO Brass

All Brass is Premium Sorted Unprocessed: 

  • Primarily LC (Lake City) head stamps with others mixed in. WE DO NOT SORT HEAD STAMPS.
  • All once fired military surplus
  • Double Tumbled, polished clean but not de-primed and not processed
  • Hand sorted to eliminate unusable casings. Extra casings are added to each order to account for any bad casings that slip through sorting
  • Some casings may have an ejection dent from use in an automatic weapon

Sales only to US citizens. We will not ship outside the United States.

When purchasing you agree not to export outside the US.

A 10% restocking fee will be charged for all returned orders or cancelled orders

Military Brass Processing Tips:

• 7.62/.308 military brass is a little thicker than commercial which allows for a longer life casing if maintained properly.

• Once fired military brass is generally harder than commercial brass. To ensure proper sizing the neck and shoulder of the brass should be annealed

• Use a good quality case lube. Use liberally on the case and a little on the inside too.

• The Primer is swaged or crimped in place for use in high powered automatic weapons. Swage the primer pocket instead of reaming. Reaming removes too much material from the pocket.

• Size the length of the case to the max length so if you want to cut it shorter for your chamber you can.

• Reloading is very dangerous. Improper reloading can cause injury and death.

• We are not liable and assume no responsibility in your reloading practices.


How to Reload Military Brass

Annealing Brass